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You've decided to look into bookkeeping services. That's great! Here's what we do!

Maintain all of your financial activity using QuickBooks
Everything we do is retained in QuickBooks files, which we back up on a regular basis, so you know your financial records are up-to-date and secure.

Increase the distance between income and expense
It sounds simple and obvious, but we know how to review your financials frequently and advise you on ways to save money.

Enter all of your invoices and bills
You'll be able to see what is outstanding, what has been collected, and what has been paid at any given moment.

Process payments and checks
We handle getting the money to the bank and on your books. All you do is see what you've earned.

Handle your payroll and payroll taxes
We run the payroll process and generate the checks for your employees. We also withhold payroll taxes as needed.

Account reconciliation
We review the activity on all your accounts - including credit cards - to make sure everything is on the level.

Keep you aware of what's going on
If we see something - like a potential upcoming cash shortfall, or a outstanding balance that never seems to go down - we make sure that you know about it ASAP.

Track what you do as long as you need
We have a system in place to safeguard and secure all financial records as long as you want us to.

Go get your money
We know how to contact your debtors and collect your receivables, both current and past due.

Not enough space in your office for another body? Not to worry! We can set you up so that we can take care of all your bookkeeping needs remotely. Ask us about this plan!

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